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Following the path of the Vikings, the Danes and Norse who raided and settled.


MICHAEL DUPREE STANDS before two tombstones by a tree in the corner of a graveyard. It’s raining and a storm moves over the cemetery. The stones were carved pictures of children and their names: Brian Dupree, My son, my life. Born – Sept. 5, 1990. Died –October 8, 2001 and Justin Dupree, My son, my life. Born – June 13, 1997. 

The rain poured down on him and his eyes were bloodshot red from lack of sleep. He stood there wet to the bone and he wept for his sons. 

He was a third generation police officer. His dad was a cop, his dad’s dad was a cop, and he hoped that his two sons Mike at the age of eleven and Brent at the age of five would have both chosen to follow in his footsteps. 

Michael’s wife Cassidy died about a year ago. She was mugged and killed by a trio of thugs. Michael booked all three of them and made sure they got life for murder.

He is a serious officer and is one of the best at his job. He makes sure his kids are taken care of and that they are street smart. He even showed them his tools of the trade and explained how guns aren’t toys. He taught them how to deal with almost any situation from dealing with strangers to crossing the street. 

There is only a small window of time when the boys are ever alone and that’s when they first get home, but he has his neighbor who is a retired security guard check up on them now and then until he gets home. 

One day, during that window of time when the boys were alone, Brian got a hold Michael’s gun and shot Justin. When he saw what he did, he shot himself. Bruce the retired security guard found the boys and called it in. 

Michael was empty at the funeral. Deep down he blamed himself for what happened. His hopes that they would know better after his education were crushed and the reality of it for him was that because he gave them his little talk they knew exactly where to find the gun. 

He goes to the cemetery for their birthdays, every year and he places fresh flowers on their graves so he never forgets. Michael is retired now and many years have passed since that day. 

Today is the anniversary of the accident and Michael is standing in front of his boys stones about lay down fresh flowers. An old man dressed in a long dark overcoat walks quietly up the paved path. He stops beside Michael and puts fresh flowers next to his. Michael turns and looks the old man over but doesn’t recognize him. 

“Who are you?” He asked. 

“I was there when it happened,” he replies, never taking his view away from the stones.


“I was there, Michael.” 

Michael takes a step back from him, sensing something very strange. 

“Who are you?”

He turns and looks into Michael’s eyes and Michael freezes, feeling that strange sensation again.

“Are you God?” Michael asks, still looking into his eyes. 

“No, I’m not God Michael,” the old man replies, laughing at the thought. 

“How do you know my name?” 

The man pauses and lowers Michael to the ground as Michael holds his chest. 

I know everyone’s name, Michael.”

Michael is shaking, his eyes full of fear.

“What’s happening?” He asks, looking up at the stranger.

“Don’t be afraid, it’s your time. You’re having a heart-attack.”

“Please, who are you?” Michael begs.

 “I’m Death.”

From an ode to death, available online.

Explore the culture of writing and the art of storytelling.

The year is 2014. We never saw it coming. Zombies are everywhere. Everybody I knew is gone.


The year is 2014. We never saw it coming. Zombies are everywhere. Everybody I knew is gone.

Imagine a cloud in a clear blue sky.

Never touching the ground.

Slave to the people.

A longing being underfoot.

Broken and lost.

Undeniably alone.

Mad with envy over the cloud.

My brother, Ian Desabrais will be publishing his amazing ebook called Elnore. I am currently reading the second draft and I could barely put it down. This book is unlike anything I have ever read. It involves the Norse before kings and vikings. It would make an incredible movie.

An Outstanding “Initiative” Phoenix Initiative by Ivan Desabrais starts dramatically when a beautiful woman in her twenties, wearing a long, grey coat to conceal her body armor, pulls a gun on an executive in the elevator of an office tower. When he pleads with her not to kill him, she says, “I should, you pig.”  This powerful woman is Lasalle, the protagonist, key player in a secret international organization which exists to eliminate evil exploiters of children.
   Phoenix Initiative is a well-plotted action/adenture novel. In this genre, plot must be paramount, yet there is always the danger of the characters being one-dimensional puppets, subservient to the story’s twists and turns. This never happens in Desabrais’ novel. His main characters are multi-faceted. In creating Lasalle, a realistic blend of intelligence, courage and vulnerability, he shows respect for, and admiration of women.
The short, well-signaled flashbacks to Lasalle as a teenager, with her rescuer/recruiter/mentor Caldwell, add considerable depth, and never slow the pace. The scenes of tension and violence are balanced by sensuous ones in which well-chosen words gleam like jewels.Let’s hope this remarkable first novel is the start of a series centring on the intriguing Lasalle. Ruth Latta

In the darkness of a basement, hidden under the shimmering lights of Tokyo, five year old Lasalle Cabellero found her strength. Her parents sold her into a nightmare. She protected Tony, a scared little boy from the demons of a slave trading crime syndicate called the Dopplegangers.

One day, she was liberated from child slavery by Caldwell Bridgefield, an urban ghost, a phantom from the secret forces of the Phoenix Initiative. A group of men and women who would take no more corruption in their world. They hunt the wicked and use the resources of their prey to fund their operations.

With Caldwell as her mentor, she grew and came to know her destiny. Every day, she hunts her prey, attempting to make a difference in the world. Untraceable attacks threaten everything she loves. Her world is collapsing around her. With clues pointing at her only friends and allies, she has no one left to trust.

My book is now available in many formats on smashwords.